But Wait, There's More!

So I made a little trip out to Nelson Water Gardens this afternoon to spend my Bullfrog Bucks and came home with a lovely assortment of cool-season annuals, herbs and ornamental grasses.  This flat is crammed full of Parsley, Sweet Marjoram, Salad Burnet, Toffee Twist and Red Rooster sedges, Phlox, Pansies, Violas, and Calendulas. 

Of course, I had to check the DingDang remnants from their annual summer clearance ... that's where I found another blue ceramic pot for the courtyard.  I love the angular lines of this container, which I'll plant with a Red Rooster Carex, that vividly hued Strawflower (Bracteatum spp) and something yet to be determined.  

I stopped at one of the chain garden centers on the way home, looking for pink skullcap.  I didn't find that but I did come away with some Cyclamen for hayrack planters, a small Agave, some Tassel ferns (Polystichum) that will work nicely under the trees out front and a 3 gallon Color Guard Yucca (not pictured).  The Agave and the ferns were only 90 cents each on clearance.  Maybe I should have gotten more!


You really got some good deals. If one has time, fall is always a good time to shop.
The plants looked so pretty in the chair (first picture), at first I thought you had a new planter! :)
What a great haul! It's raining here but those photos make me want to run out to the nursery!
Carol Michel said…
You are kind of a plant addict, aren't you? That's a nice haul for a quick run to a garden center!
Tina Poe said…
Beautiful blue pot and great finds. I can't wait to see the plants in their spots once they are in your garden.
Love that blue pot. Nelson Gardens sells water lilies, right? I wonder if they're selling any right now since they should be dormant? I'm in the market for one.
Cindy, MCOK said…
MT, those green chairs make a great backdrop, don't they?

Leslie, I love cool season annuals and could happily have bought more!

Carol, yes, I am a horthead. I hope to be one the rest of my life!

Tina, I am very happy with that blue pot!

Jean, Nelson's still has water lilies for sale. I saw blooms on several!
Gail said…
Great finds~I love the blue pot! gail
David said…
Looking good! I drove by yesterday to see if by chance you were outside. I'll try to stop by some time in December for a possible garden visit.
I love the new look of your front yard with those agaves mixed in. Nice!
David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston
(aka Mr. P at NCE)
What a great haul! I'm interested in that strawflower. You let us know how it lasts for you, okay?