Fall Foliage in Fine Fettle

Although I've never been to New England in autumn, when I think about fall foliage, my mind turns to the pictures I've seen on friends' blogs or in magazines: pictures of New England's brilliantly colored trees, with not a green leaf to be seen.  Or I picture the golden leaves of the aspens on a Santa Fe mountainside, trembling in the breeze.  And I sigh, wishing we had such beautiful fall foliage to grace our vistas.  This year and last, though, I've realized how much more there is here on and near my corner of Katy to appreciate when it comes to fall foliage.  And I've broadened my definition of fall foliage, thanks to fellow bloggers, to include perennials whose leaves change with the seasons and give me more than just beautiful blooms to enjoy.  I've stopped thinking of fall foliage as endless vistas of blazing sunset colors and started looking for the smaller vignettes that can be found all around me.   I hope you'll enjoy a Christmas Eve tour of the beautiful autumn leaves now gracing my corner of Katy.


David said…
Hey there Garden friend.
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
I promise to email soon to see if we can have that garden tour next week...as long as the weather behaves. I love your fall colors!

P.S. I'm getting ready for my first freeze....yet again. This one's for real.
David :-)
Thanks for the tour! Your red oak is beautiful. Merry Christmas!