An Ode by The Head Gardener On the Occasion of a Tragic Loss

Oh, scissors bright of rosy hue,
What has that woman done with you?
Does she not know the pain she breeds
When she trifles with my simple needs?

Oh, scissors red with blades that shine,
Searched long I have in hopes to find
You resting safe in a sheltered place,
Returning a smile to my sad face.

Oh, scissors lost that cut so well,
Like your kin the pruners by the company Fel,
She laid you down I know not where 
So I mourn you now in deep despair.


Gail said…
A simply splendid poem! I love it! gail
I feel the Head Gardener's pain. I lost my little deadheading shears for two months in the garden. They were never the same.
Poor HG! Poor scissors. Poor plants. :)
Layanee said…
The next pair should have orange handles....I hope they are found.
Wonderful...although sad and touching! Many of us can feel your pain. :)
MAry Ann Newcomer said…
Oh man, I am cracking up!
Love it! I hope your scissors turn up soon, misplaced under a pot or pail. I have to tell you, the Chief Engineer has, on occasion, left my Felcos out in the rain. So I got him his own pair...
Cindy, MCOK said…
I spent probably 20 minutes searching for the danged things. One would think it impossible not to spot a pair of bright red scissors in the garden. One would be wrong.
Annie in Austin said…
The rosy hue of the tragically lost pair surprised me, dear poetic Cindy... I just bought Orange-handled garden shears to use outside because my Green Shears disappeared too easily.
Does this mean I'll still loseth them? Woe, woe!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Rose said…
Dear Cindy, do not fret,
You'll surely find them yet
Only hiding with their blades of red
Amongst the blooms in your flowerbed.
David said…
This is great!
And to think I had lost my pruners with the RED handles for over a week. How do you lose someting RED?
I found them under the bench on the front porch.
David/ (Muddy!) Tropical Texana/
The Word Verification is
comilate....? maybe to comb and sort one's hair by using a robot? LOL
Cindy, MCOK said…
Well, y'all, I found the scissors. They were stuck in the laundry basket I use to store my freeze covers. The HG has not been kind in her remarks.
Anonymous said…
LOL!! I just read your comment about where you found your scissors. I love it! However, I'm still mourning the loss of my Fiskars - you know, the ones I kept really clean inside the house for when I wanted to go cut an herb or flower for bringing indoors. The ones that were special because I won them in a bloggers giveaway. Are they in your laundry basket?