Three for Thursday: Things To Ponder

Lynden Miller, garden designer and champion of public gardens, spoke in Houston today on "The Power of Public Gardens".  Three things she said caught my attention:

1.  Public gardens are not an unnecessary frill. They soften and civilize city life.

2.  Public gardens are sanctuaries for the soul.

3.  What you need for a successful public garden: money, energy, plants, soil, volunteers, knowledge and stubborn optimism.

Thanks to the River Oaks Garden Club for bringing Mrs. Miller to Houston to speak at the 21st annual Sadie Gwin Blackburn Environmental Lecture.  From the ROGC site:  "Lynden B. Miller, Principal, Public Garden Design from New York, is a public garden designer and director of the Conservatory Garden in Central Park which she rescued and restored beginning in 1982. Ms. Miller speaks throughout the country promoting cities to get involved in beautifying their public spaces. Ms. Miller's book, Parks, Plants and People, Beautifying the Urban Landscape."


Commonweeder said…
I heard Lynden Miller speak at Smith College last year. She is a great speaker, and a great maker of gardens. Her book is beautiful and inspiring.
I hope you got to hear her speak. I heard her a number of years ago and her talk was so moving.