Wildflower Wednesday: Gaillardias Galore!

Gaillardia growing in a crack in my neighbor's driveway
If you're looking for a tough native plant that can handle heat, humidity, high winds, drought and the occasional trampling by errant wildlife (usually dogs and/or gardeners), I believe we can all agree that Gaillardia, aka Indian Blanket or Blanketflower, certainly has earned that distinction.

Gaillardia growing by a telephone pole

Gaillardia growing in a path

Gaillardia growing in the rocks alongside the corner bed

Gaillardia growing in between rocks and a hard place

Gaillardia growing in the street????

Not really, it's growing between two moss rock boulders

Gaillardia growing in the corner bed

Gaillardia at 703 Wit's End

Gaillardia and rosemary

Gaillardia spilling over the curb and into the street

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The gaillardias look like a great plant for tough conditions...like you are having so far this year. Both you and they are between a rock and a hard place.
Gail said…
What a wonderfully hardy wildflower! Leslie is so right~What a difficult spring you've had...thank goodness for a plant like gaillardia. gail
Dee Nash said…
Yes, thank goodness for the beautiful Gaillardia. Have you tried 'Arizona Red' yet? Two different nurseries here were very excited about it. So far, it's short red and beautiful.~~Dee
LOL - Gallardia sure is tough, as tough as a weed. It's just perfect for your difficult gardening conditions.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thanks, y'all! If anyone wants seeds, I clearly have more than enough to share!

Dee, I haven't had good luck with the hybrid varieties of Gaillardia. They just don't seem to be as tough.
Lisa said…
I love Gaillardias, especially the species. Our mountain house is painted a deep adobe color, so blanket flowers look nice nearby. And their toughness is MUCH appreciated.


P.S. Love the header photo -- your garden looks like a wonderful place to hang out.
scottweberpdx said…
Love it! Volunteers are the best...I always smile when I see flowers growing in crazy places!
Barbarapc said…
I was delighted to find so many gaillardia sprouted about in my own garden. Often they aren't hardy for us, so it's great that they are such good self-seeders. Loved seeing your photos of all those rogue plants growing in 'impossible conditions'.