At the End of The Day ...

The temperature may soar to hellatious levels during the day, but the evenings are another matter ... and I couldn't be more thankful.

I've gotten in the habit of wandering outside around 8 pm as dusk creeps over my corner of Katy.   I sink into one of my nomadic but comfortable green Adirondack chairs, a glass of wine at hand, and I watch the day draw to a close. 

A few bees are usually lingering over one flower and another (happy hour for them too) and I whisper a prayer or three of gratitude for this respite from the rigors of the heat.


That sounds lovely...I'm glad you get a chance to enjoy your beautiful garden.
Gail said…
I am so glad you are able to enjoy the evening hours. Aren't those last bees wonderful and flowers with fragrance are even better then~gail
Rose said…
We're having cooler temperatures here this week, but I do know what you mean about enjoying the evening hours on a hot day, Cindy. In fact, dusk is approaching now, and I think I'll take your advice and wander outside...
What kind of coneflowers are you growing? I haven't had much luck with the varieties I've planted in the past.
That is the time I sit on my patio, too! Your coneflowers are beautiful!
Linda said…
I would love some of your warm temperatures. Perhaps we can do a deal - you could have some of our light-until-11pm!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Leslie, it recharges me and gives me the strength to face another hellatiously hot day!

Gail, I never fail to think of you when I see bees now!

Rose, enjoy the coolth for me!

HGG, I'll happily bring seeds for you to Fling. I have an untold variety of coneflowers, which have probably crossed many times over the years. My current fave is the Giant Coneflower whose seeds came from a friend. I have much better luck with seeds than transplants.

Rooted, it's so good to have at least a few minutes to enjoy the garden each day!

Linda, you're my first ever visitor from Scotland! Welcome! I'd love having light until 11 ... I could get a lot more done in the garden! Sorry you & I can't swap light for warmth!
Cindy, I would love some seeds. Can't wait for the Fling. And what a great rain we had today!
I love these flowers! Glad you are enjoying them in the evening.
Anonymous said…
Just found your site and am enjoying your beautiful garden. I live in Houston and also love the time just before dusk when the four oclocks bloom and exhale their amazing sweet fragrance. I have a mass of another plant that I am having trouble identifying. They too are late afternoon bloomers with delicate lacy pink flowers. Can I send you a pic and see if you can tell me what it is? They are very hardy in our extreme heat and prolific ...blooming everywhere. Thanks, Joan
Cindy, MCOK said…
Joan, absolutely send me a picture. I'm sorry I forgot to answer this sooner. I can't promise I'll recognize it but I'm happy to give it a shot.