At My Wits' End at Wit's End

So much for optimism.  I've changed the countdown clock  back to November 1st, being firmly convinced that nothing but awful is in store for us for way too many days to come.   Yesterday was the 33rd day of 100+ degree temperatures, breaking a record set in 1980 for the most 100 degree days in a single year.   Not satisfied to merely break one record, Mother Nature seems hell bent on making August of 2011 memorable for recording the most consecutive 100 degree days.  23 and counting. with every indication that this will continue through the end of the month.  No measurable rain since June 22nd means that brown is the new green.

What's even more disheartening to me is the prediction that we will see more of the same weather next summer.   Here's what local columnist/blogger/Science guru Eric Berger has to say about it.  

While the gardens here on my corner of Katy continue to broil in the August sun, I'm off to Indianapolis for the Garden Writers' symposium, leaving the Executive Producer and the Assistant UnderGardener in Charge of Containers to keep things hydrated.  Feel free to stop by and water for me if you're in the neighborhood!


It's just depressing!!! Especially when the weather people sound so down and tell us they don't see any relief on the horizon!
Rose said…
Have a great trip, Cindy! I hope for your sake that Indy has some cooler weather while you visit.
meemsnyc said…
Sorry to hear about all the hot weather. Hope it cools down soon.
Well, that's uplifting news about next year -- not. I had heard that from another source, too. Might have to stock up on a bunch of red yucca, feathergrass, zexmenia and cactus -- and rocks. We got literally 5 minutes of rain this morning and then it was gone and hot again. Yes, I hope you get some cooler temps on your trip.
VP said…
Ouch you guys are having it hot! Hope the respite from the heat comes soon and that you're having a good trip.

Great to meet you at last in Seattle :)
Cindy, MCOK said…
MT, the possibility this might continue into next year is heartrending. I don't know how we'll cope.

Rose, it's lovely weather here in Indy. I'm very grateful for the break.

Meems, I hope you're safe & sound and the hurricane didn't affect you much.

Toni, isn't it awful? Thanks for the reminder ... I need red yucca!

VP, I wish we'd had more time to visit in Seattle. I hope y'all will make it to Asheville so we can remedy that.
David said…
Glad you are back! It rained .04" here from Tropical Storm Lee. Enough to make one cry. Come to think of it,I could probably cry
.04" at this point.
I have open house on Thursday, so I'll try to stop by on Friday if I can.
And here's to that cooler weather we have starting in one day!