A Bright Spot on A Damp Gray Day ...

My neighbor's somewhat confused Bradford Pear*

I was sitting on the sofa in my bedroom today, feeling grumpy and out of sorts because of the dismal weather which has plagued us so much of January. Overcast skies, temperatures in the 70s and high humidity are not conducive to a good mood, at least not for me. True, it's good weather for gardening but I don't enjoy it as much. It's not the first year this has happened and I'm certain it will not be the last. Every year at this time I talk about getting a light therapy box to alleviate my Seasonal Affective Disorder ... and every year I forget about it as soon as a sunny day comes along.

Today was not that sunny day ... but it was brightened nonetheless by the view out my bedroom door. This is the Bradford Pear tree across the alley from me.  I have no real love for Bradford Pears - they're overused, weak-wooded and suffer from fire blight too often - but today this tree earned my admiration with its vivid fall foliage.  I find it interesting that there's still primarily green foliage on the left side, especially since that's north-facing.  Just another one of those things that makes a gardener go "hmmmmmmmmm ..."

My admiration will doubtless turn to chagrin when those leaves start to fall and are blown across the alley into my garage.  My neighbor hopes to remove this tree and another Bradford Pear this year and I have already offered my help with that task!

* In 2009, I posted about the hatchet job done on this tree.  Don't look if you're squeamish!


Cindy, I join in your misery. I know I have SAD as well--which is crazy living here in Texas!(what would I do in Alaska!) My husband waits for spring with great anticipation, but his reason has to do with his grumpy wife! Soon...but then there is February to get through! Ugh!