My Eyes! My Eyes!

To be filed under the heading of "be careful what you wish for".

For years, I've lamented my neighbor's planting of red-tip photinias on his side of our shared fence.  Not only did their roots steal moisture and nutrients from my soil, but the reddish hues of new foliage did not go well with the mostly pastel colors of my back gardens.  So I rejoiced when he decided to cut down the photinias earlier this year to make room for critical fence repairs.   I never once considered the possibility that whatever he planted in their stead might clash even more grievously.  Put on your sunglasses, my friends, and behold the image now burned into my retinas.

What do you MEAN it doesn't look all that bad?  They're an abomination, an insult to all that is lovely about my garden.  Not only that, I can see them from here at my desk when I'm gazing out the patio door in contemplation and cogitation.

I'm not going to say the cannas must die ... I honor my neighbor's right to plant whatever he wishes in his garden, just as he honors my right to do so in mine.  But something must be done to obscure them from view.  There's no room to plant a 30 gallon tree in that area, effective though it might be in screening the loathsome sight.  And I suspect there are MORE cannas that have yet to grow tall enough to be seen over the fence.  My current thinking is to install some kind of structure ... a pergola, multiple trellises, whatEVER ... on which I could grow vines or climbing roses.  Have any ideas for me?  BRING THEM ON.  PLEASE.  I BEG YOU!


You need something along the lines of my wisteria that can grow along the fence up high or on a trellis built just in front of the fence. A climbing rose? Even something like star jasmine.
Anonymous said…
I like them dear. Very bright, but yes, they clash. Maybe some purple-leaved plants?~~dee
Carol said…
They look like they are peeking over on purpose. They multiply quickly, too. I do like them, tho. Sorry thye don't match, maybe you could snip them off in the middle of the night. Have a great weekend. Carol
Robin Ripley said…
Well, until you can plant something to scamper over the fence and hide the cannas, perhaps you can just meditate on accepting imperfection in nature and life.
Kathy said…
Maybe you should just give him a bunch of cannas that do coordinate with your garden. He probably just picked something off the shelf and doesn't care that much. And how do you know he won't plant something else next year? Oh, wait, cannas are perennial in your neck of the woods, aren't they? I'm lucky if mine bloom before frost.
I like Kathy's idea. Here's my idea: lattice fence panels stained to match mounted near the top of the fence on your side. Then a tall vine, maybe Wisteria like Leslie suggested. I'm partial to Clematis and there are some lovely ones that get huge.
sandy lawrence said…
I like McG's Daughter's very practical idea, but until you decide what you want to do, Robin's is good, too, especially if you use 'Negative Space Visualization'. You train your eye not to notice the red blooms and focus on something pleasing to you. You don't see them, so for you, they're 'not there'.
My former neighbor used to grow the most lush poison ivy on our mutual fence, and I am highly allergic. ER trips are such fun!
As for Cannas, I like the leaves but don't care for the blooms, so I cut them off. Maybe your neighbor grows his primarily for the leaves?
Unknown said…
Thanks for this post! It is funny to me as my neighor planted sunflowers that they CUT because they face ME! LOL! See my post about it on my blogg. Can't wait to see what you decide to do.
I am so with you! My husband loves them but they quite offend me. I plant 2 pots each year for him in orange no less!! They sit in less than prime space. This is the best I can do.
Diana said…
I love the vine idea - maybe it will reach down and just strangle those offensive red-hot cannas!
David said…
I think you should buy some brilliantly red fake cardinals and perch them atop your fence. That way you can pretend they are ALL cardinals.
I'm so sorry she bought such tall cannas.
Hey, just think, it could have been orange cannas!