When What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear ...

Thank you, Kathy! This was a wonderful Solstice surprise!
You thought it was going to be a butterfly, didn't you?  Nope.  Even more improbably, it's a Colchicum  that was gently and lovingly uprooted from its upstate New York environs in 2011, transported across country to Seattle and from thence back across country to my corner of Katy, whereupon it was rudely thrust into inhospitable heat and humidity.  This was one of several Colchicums kindly given to me by Kathy of Cold Climate Gardening and I didn't expect this fall blooming bulb to survive even that first summer, let alone a second.  Yet here it is, with lush and healthy foliage, looking for all the world like it belongs in Zone 9a/b.  Those who look closely will also spy a second set of leaves emerging from the ground!  Given that it's made it this far, it's not so impossible to believe that it might someday go so far as to bloom.  Hey, if you were willing to seriously consider the possibility that the world would end today, then surely you can acknowledge that a Colchicum bloom in South Central Texas is not so far fetched????!!!!


I hope it does indeed bloom!
That is very encouraging, and the foliage looks very healthy. I'm once of those weird people who actually likes Colchichum foliage. Mine have already started sprouting, so their foliage will be looking rather rattier than yours come spring.
Carol Michel said…
Not far fetched at all. I'm glad the world didn't end so we could see this.
Hope springs eternal. What's to lose trying out free bulbs? I have them going in the opposite direction, south to north, with some Lycoris from Florida that survived a mid winter planting to poke their leaves up again late fall in time for winter. I think they should wait til April, but they're still alive for now.
irvin said…
Bloom dammit! It's pushing that envelope that feels sooooo good.
Kathy said…
Oh! Oh! Oh! This and the Gardens Illustrated article in the same week! I'm thrilled!!!
I'm jealous! This is one of those plants I've only read about in books, never even seen one in real life. Keep us posted!
I'm jealous! This is one of those plants I've only read about in books, never even seen one in real life. Keep us posted!
David said…
Just when I thought I knew everything (ha ha) about plants, you spring something on me that I've never even heard of...let alone grown.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
May your garden continue to surprise you with wonderful new flowers in 2013!

Rose said…
What a lovely gift for Christmas! I think that would have been proof enough that the world wasn't going to end last week. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Cindy, and best wishes for a Happy New Year!