The Head Gardener Speaks: Somebody Call The Waaa-mbulance!

We were bluer than these Texas Bluebonnets!
It has come to my attention that the last post on this blog was exactly one month ago today.  Contrary to what our readers may fear, She Who Must Be Obeyed has NOT come to her wits' end and abandoned the gardens here at Wit's End, the blog or all hope.  

Beaten up by the wind but still beautiful
While it is true that both SWMBO and I were grumpy, I am unanimous in my belief that whereas a few moments of whinging and wringing our hands can be therapeutic, it does neither of us any good to carry on for hours or days on end.  I therefore was forced to issue an edict that such whinging would cease and desist immediately.  For once, SWMBO listened to me and we are at this moment in fine fettle  mentally, if not physically.  The pollen count has risen alarmingly with the onset of oak tassel season.  We'll be congested and itchy-eyed for several weeks to come.  

We're working on achieving the sunny attitude of this rudbeckia!
My apologies if anyone was worried by the gloomy nature of that last post and my thanks to all who expressed understanding and support.  We are doing some serious cogitating on reworking the front gardens to make them more manageable and hope to begin implementation of a plan soon!


I imagine the nicer weather has to help eliminate the gloomies and have hope springing to life.
Carol Michel said…
I am glad that SWMBO listened to you, finally. She is so bossy, but I think deep down she is a whimp. I bet just the thought of a waaa-mbulance ride set her straight!

Kathy said…
It's hard to keep the blog up when you're busy gardening.
Ha, Ha. Love the reference to Modern Family. As much as I enjoy Spring, I'm not looking forward to pollen season.

I've tried growing rudbeckia before. What is your secret?
Hello and welcome back!! So glad you're doing better. Planning something in the garden always makes me feel better and of course, seeing and feeling the sun does wonders!
Anonymous said…
I, for one, don't blame you for being a tad whiny. I have my days too. I'm glad to see you're out and about now though.~~Dee