White Out In the Garden: Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day July 2013

Two weeks have gone by since my return from the Garden Bloggers' Fling so clearly I did not get my blogging mojo back in San Francisco ... nor did I leave my heart there. I'll blame both on the totally unexpected and thoroughly unwelcome heat wave that hit the Bay Area during the Fling.  This has happened to me enough times on my garden related jaunts that I can only conclude that: (a) I am being punished for egregious crimes against gardens in a past life; (b) my presence in any other gardens but my own in the summer is some kind of a jinx; or (c) I am personally responsible for global weirding.  This does not mean I won't be in attendance at next year's Fling in Portland, Oregon but it certainly doesn't bode well for the weather while we're there!

I'm still cogitating about how to share my Fling experiences but while I ponder that, it's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and I thought I'd take time to share a few blooms from my corner of Katy.  I've been planting more white blooming trees and perennials out back in the last couple of years and I like how they light up the gardens at night.  I can see this white plumbago through the patio door at night.

The foliage is a lighter green than is usual, due to the lack of rain.

A creamy white lantana has taken over the space under the Sweet Almond Verbena.  Yes, that's one plant.

Diamond Frost Euphorbia has been a delightful addition to the garden bed along the south fence.

White bauhinia trees are spaced throughout the east/northeast garden bed. That's salvia 'Augusta Duelberg' paired with a bauhinia by the gate.

Thanks for stopping by my corner of Katy for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, the monthly celebration hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.  Mosey on over to see what's blooming around the world!


I like all the white...must make it seem at least a bit cooler in the garden :)
I agree with Leslie, there's just something about looking at white flowers that makes you feel cooler. I hope you get your mojo back.
Phillip Oliver said…
I like that lantana!
Rose said…
So you're the one to blame for this unbearable heat:) I just read somewhere that Portland has been unusually hot lately, too, so I think you're off the hook, Cindy. That lantana is amazing!

By the way, my 'Wendy's Wish' is doing very well, and the hummingbirds have enjoyed it. One of these days I'll post a photo of it.
David said…
Hey, if you are also responsible for the cloudy, rainy, almost tolerable temperatures this week, then please keep doing what you're doing. Sorry about San Fran.
To console you,
it's 96 in Boston today, so some other wretched Texas gardener must be vacationing up there touring their gardens (and feeling the same as you).
I like that circular garden sculpture. Is that new?
And yes, I have had almost daily rains this week and (gasp) actually feel free from our Texas drought cycles. It's been a long time coming. David/:0)