Hot Color on a Hot Day!

I can't say I'm thrilled that the temperature reached 91° today on my corner of Katy. It's made slightly less appalling by the first blooms of the Freesia laxa, also known as Anomatheca laxa, or my favorite of its many botanical names, Lapeirousia laxa. Roll that baby around on your tongue!  The common name for this wee beauty is Woodland Painted Petals. 

I am even less thrilled that a mosquito was buzzing me as I was outside writing this post.  Wrong. Just plain wrong.


Oh I LOVE those!!
Thanks for sharing,
LindaCTG said…
Yahoosers! I, too, hated this hot day but my Freesia laxas haven't bloomed yet. What a great surprise for you & spontaneous post!
Gail said…
91 is not right for February...May the cooler days return! But, that Freesia is a scarlet beauty!
Misti said…
I was excited my freesia came back in multitudes this year. Not blooming yet, just north of you in Montgomery county.