Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: April 2017

First, a few words to our gracious and delightful Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day host, Carol of May Dreams Gardens: See, Indy? Not only did I get pictures of blooms as I said I would but I posted them too!  Okay, there are only two ... but life has been especially chaotic here on my corner of Katy recently and doesn't promise to settle down any time soon.  We took time out today to celebrate the miracle of spring ... these were the views as I sat with my mother on the patio and listened to the birds sing.

Larkspur, toadflax, alyssum and some pink verbena on the far left

The big white blooms are white Callirhoe involucrata, which is at its tiptop best right now!


Kathy said…
It looks very pretty! Larkspur is a summer bloomer for me.
What a lovely view for relaxing on the patio!
outlawgardener said…
Spring really is a miracle! Your garden's Easter bonnet is especially pretty!
Layanee said…
Sublime! I can see sitting right there in that garden with you, conversation and perhaps libation.
Anonymous said…
Cindy, I have to say your garden is one of my all-time favorites. Truly. I loved spending time in it with you, and I'm glad you took us back today. Happy Bloom Day!~~Dee