Now Blanketing My Corner of Katy: Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, June 2018

It seems that I have a gaillardia situation on my corner of Katy. When a thicket of seedlings first began to appear in the front beds inFebruary and March, I decided to thin them later in the interest of suppressing weeds.  Friends and fellow gardeners, you most surely know without my having to tell you that thin them I did not.
The corner bed faces north and west.  You can see it two blocks away, just ask Leslie of Growing A Garden in Davis and Carol of May Dreams Gardens! This picture was taken
at the end of May so the gaillardias are actually much thicker now.

As you walk south along my street, you'll see more self-seeded
blanket flowers in what was supposed to be a dry stream. 

Then there's the mailbox bed where the Indian Blankets are
overwhelming daylilies, salvias, sedums, and more.

Arriving at the southeast corner, adjacent to the cable box
and my neighbors, you'll find even MORE self-seeded gaillardias.

 The plants had been doing so well that I couldn't bring myself to start yanking them even though I knew they were overwhelming other plants. I finally made a start on that today but rain drove me inside before I could really get going. We're told to expect more rain tomorrow and Tuesday so this task may have to wait until July. The Head Gardener and I are packing our bags and heading across the pond to tour a sampling of the gardens in Yorkshire, England.  Cheerio pip pip, the old girls can't wait!

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is brought to you by 
the fertile mind of Carol Michel, who blogs at May 
Dreams Gardens and offers a list of other gardeners 
who are posting for GBBD.


Are you going on Layanee’s tour? How cool! We’ll be in England at the same time but farther south. Will see Victoria and Michelle. Have fun and maybe we’ll see you in the airport, ha!
Lisa Wagner said…
What a great blanket of blanket flowers! And how excellent to be visiting English gardens soon.
Carol Michel said…
I loved seeing your garden in person! It's stunning!
Anonymous said…
I love your blanket flowers, but maybe the trip will give you the energy to pull some of them when you get back.
It is true that I saw your garden from down the street and knew right where we were heading! It was such a thrill to see your corner of Katy in person after all the years of photos!
Rebecca said…
All of those fabulous bloom probably stop traffic! Just beautiful. Enjoy your trip!
Hanifah said…
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outlawgardener said…
They are pretty even if they're overwhelming other plants. Hope you have a grand time touring English gardens!
Misti said…
The more gaillardia, the better in my book! Looks gorgeous!