Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day June 2015: I Can't Grow That!

Camassias and tulips
A week ago today, I returned home from the Garden Bloggers' Fling 2015 in Toronto, reeling from the absolutely splendiferous array of blooms and foliage that I CAN'T GROW, DAMMIT!!!!!! Most of the Flingers are used to, and probably weary of, my mandatory whine upon seeing some beauteous botanical bibelot ... "I can't grow that."  I'd even started a Twitter hashtag #Ican'tgrowthat and posted a couple of pictures before Verizon notified me that I'd exceeded my data limit (so much for the data plan I thought I'd signed up for).  So I thought I'd use Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day to whine some more ... and I trust that y'all will recognize my tongue is very firmly in my cheek.  Should a Toronto gardener visit my corner of Katy, s/he'd probably have the same whine!



Conifer (I don't know what kind, I can't grow them!)

I have never ever ever seen this poppy in the Houston area.

I can't remember what this delightful little tree is. 

Weigela, one of the many cultivars in that genus which I can't grow!

Japanese Painted Fern. I've tried. Believe me, I've tried. OVER & OVER & OVER.

Lupine. Definitely not texensis. 

Luscious apricot and pink Peony

Weigela, ANOTHER one of the many cultivars in that genus which I can't grow!

Pink and white Double Clematis, misidentified as Columbine. I still think
it's too delicate by far for Katy. Maybe I should try it & see!

Bath's Pink Dianthus with The Head Gardener ... they rot here (the Dianthus,
not the HG ... although ...)

OK, this one I'm not so sure we can't grow: it's not that different from
the yellow Phlomis.

Bearded Iris

The most incredible array of Bearded Iris I've ever seen

Viburnum plicatum 
Angelica, I think gigas?
Amorphophallus titanum ... one which I am definitely glad I can't grow!
Thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens, our Bloom day progenitor!