Rock My World!

Like many other gardeners I've met, I collect rocks. I like having little pieces of other parts of the earth on a tabletop, in my garden or on a bookshelf. Some years ago, I asked a friend who was traveling to bring a rock or two back for me from her trip. Then I asked another and yet another ... now I don't even have to ask. My friends arrive at their destination and immediately go on the lookout for interesting or unusual rocks to bring me. My 50something memory being what it isn't ("what, you mean you were gone?"), I'm always happily surprised that they remembered.

The rocks above came from Vancouver, BC and Orcas Island; they were a gift from my wonderful friend Genny (whose oldest daughter brought me rocks from Santa Barbara earlier this year). Actually, two of those rocks are shells: the tiny one at the top and the funky one that looks like it has horns. Actually, that one kind of reminds me of an owl, which is fitting since Genny and I are both Rice grads. Merci mille fois, Genevieve!

The rocks below are some I picked up on my recent visit to Colorado. They're in a pot of Texas Betony that didn't get watered while I was away, which is why you don't see much of the Texas Betony! Drought tolerant as it is, it resents being totally ignored. I can understand that.

See, doesn't that shell on the left look like an owl?

Rock on!


I have a rock collection too...most of which I can't remember the source. Maybe I'll have to start labeling them. I like that you can connect yours to friends.
I like to collect rocks from our travels too. I write on the back where they are from, and tuck them inbetween the rocks around the pond.
Gail said…
Yes, it looks like an owl. You know I love rocks and my favorite are the smaller ones that have interesting striations. How wonderful that your friends are on the look out for great rocks for your collection!

Annie in Austin said…
The days of tucking one into airline luggage are probably over, but we used to bring fist-sized stones home that way, with bigger ones tucked under the front seat when on a driving vacation...but like Leslie - I can't remember where most of them came from.

Your owl shell is a cool one, Cindy. Rock on!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Anonymous said…
It does look like an owl! I'm always saying how much I love rocks. Give me rocks over diamonds any day of the week and I'm happy!
Cindy, MCOK said…
I don't know why it took me so long to think of taking pictures when I got them. It definitely helps my imperfect memory!

Glad all of y'all enjoyed them, too. Annie, I did bring my Colorado rocks home in my checked bag. I didn't think they'd make it through security if I tried to carry them on!
Anonymous said…
I'm probably the WORST gardener ever! My husband teasing me all the time about the length of life a plant has when it comes onto our premises. I always have high hopes but for some reason I kill absolutely everything (well, except for an airplane plant... I think I've had it for almost 10 years!)
vertie said…
I once returned from a short trip to Germany and Switzerland with a bag full of rocks. The customs agent could not understand why I had nothing to declare from my trip.

For years, I had a purse rock, a rock that I moved from purse to purse because I thought it was pretty.

So glad to find out that I'm not weird, just a gardener.