Big Changes on MCOK

I have such good intentions about keeping y'all informed of the happenings on my corner of Katy. Then we get a spell of glorious weather like the one this week and all those intentions fall by the wayside, replaced by my desire to spend every moment I can out in the garden. The fall weather here in my part of Texas is our reward for making it through the infernal summer heat and humidity. I claim that reward every chance I get!

We've been living in this house since 1997 and the front sidewalk has been one of the banes of my existence since the beginning. I don't know whose bright idea it was to build so many sidewalks out here with narrow beds running down the middle. It's probably a good thing I don't know because I'd harangue him/her mercilessly about the difficulties it's posed over the years. When we moved here, the bed was planted with a hedge of dwarf yaupons. Dwarf yaupons are great evergreen plants if you want something that's bulletproof in the Houston area, but suited to the middle of a sidewalk they are not. I yanked them out about 9 years ago and since then I've experimented with a variety of plants in that bed. Most of y'all know that I like a look of barely controlled chaos and that bed was no exception. This led to frequent complaints by the Executive Producer and occasional threats to decimate the plant population therein. It also led to a broken right foot for the Head Gardener when she attempted to step over the bed and landed wrong. Not her finest moment.

Certainly I could have done a better job of planting that bed and avoided some of the problems it caused. But that wouldn't have solved my other big issue with the sidewalk, its straight and uncompromising lines that couldn't be softened with plantings without further incensing the EP. I tried over the years ... in its most recent incarnation, the sidewalk was edged with large river rocks artfully (?!) arranged to soften the edges. That too caused some problems: that size of rock can be nudged or kicked loose all too easily. The concrete/pea gravel aggregate surface was also an issue, albeit a more minor one. What it all came down to was that it wasn't the sidewalk of my dreams. I longed for a flagstone path that meandered gently towards the front gates, a path that invited you to enjoy the garden as you walked towards the house. This week I finally got it. The path of my dreams has become a reality!

I'm only sorry I didn't get more pictures of the building process. I got sidetracked in the garden, working on pruning my red bauhinia and visiting with neighbors who stopped to chat. By the time I thought to come in for my camera again, they were almost done!


Bruce said…
absolutely gorgeous. i can see MB and I tripping along your stone path in our heels! you are the busy one!
It is beyond lovely! There is no knew exactly what this path needed to be.
Kathy said…
It is gorgeous! Way to go!
Gail said…
It is indeed gorgeous! Dreamy, too. I love flagstone and it looks perfect for your garden...gail
Carol Michel said…
I love it! It's fabulous, what a difference. Good job!
Ramble on Rose said…
Wow, that path is fantastic! Enjoy!!
It is beautiful! I can't believe the difference it makes. Flagstone is so nice...I do hope the head-gardener approves.
Diana said…
Cindy -- it's so beautiful! I love the flagstone and the flow of the shape is so soft and inviting. I can see why you are so happy. Great job.
Lori said…
The new sidewalk is beautiful! :D
I love it! I don't get the miniscule bed in the middle of the sidewalk either. The flagstones are wonderful and the shape is so pleasing.
So I guess if you want something made of rot-resistant would, use Yaupon Holly?
Rose said…
The new path is beautiful, Cindy, and so much more inviting than the old sidewalk! Now visitors can really stop to enjoy your garden as they walk in. You are one busy lady!
EAL said…
Wonderful--that is an amazing improvement. So much more suitable to your house.
Absolutely perfect! It's so nice to finally fix a problem area, isn't it. I really like it.
Wow! What a fantabulous improvement. Not only did you have the vision for something major but you had the follow-through to do it. I always lack one or both.

The difference the new flagstone path makes is incredible. I had to watch the video twice.