GWA: Day 2

Scenes from the Dallas Arboretum this afternoon:
This planting was one of my favorites: Vincas, black and chartreuse Sweet Potato vines, Salvia and Colocasias planted under Crape Myrtles
This is not my grandmother's Althea.
It only looks cool and shady ... the heat and humidity in Dallas are no better than they are in Houston!


Very pretty, thanks for sharing!
Commonweeder said…
Oh how I wish I were there.
Anonymous said…
Loved the althea. Beautiful color and form.What a lovely trip.
Wish I could have met you there! I am a member and go there as much as I can...but the heat is so bad, I have only gone a couple of times this summer. Can't wait for Fall Bloom time. It is so pretty with all the mums and pumpkins!
titi said…
de merveilleuses photos ..
Diana said…
Looks like you had a GREAT time. So wish I'd been there -- next year!
Gail said…
I would love to be able to create that last garden at C&L! It luscious! gail
Jan said…
Love your photos of what's under the crepe myrtle. It looks gorgeous.