Confinchion 2012

January 7, 2012

Confinchion goers in 2009: read about 2009  and 2010 here.
We're finally seeing more than one goldfinch at the feeders.  Usually by this time the confinchion is in full swing and the attendees are knocking back so much thistle seed that the Catering Director - aka the Head Gardener - must replenish their buffet twice daily.  Fellow garden bloggers and other garden friends in the more northern parts of the US have remarked on the unusually late onset of winter.  Some have even reported seeing goldfinches in their gardens. 

After extensive analysis, the Marketing Research Department here at Wit's End has concluded that the warm temperatures up north are definitely are most likely may be responsible for  low confinchion attendance.  They remain hopeful that attendance will improve as the weather up north worsens.  They have also suggested that the buffet be augmented with sunflower chips, which have been missing from the menu for several weeks, due to depredations by furry-tailed rodents (FTRs).  The Head Gardener had already taken it upon herself to relocate the banquet tables and has noted a noticeable difference in the ability of the FTRs to access the feeders.  

We are also heartened by the acceptance and conviviality shown by the confinchioneers to those birds not of their own color of feather.  Not only house finches, but sparrows, chickadees and woodpeckers, have been encouraged to share the feeders.  Their spirit of cooperation has so moved the HG that she has vowed to exhibit a similar attitude towards me.  She draws the line at FTRs, though.