Today's (Not So) Secret Word is Green!

And in honor of the day, here's a picture for my friend Kathy of Cold Climate Gardening.  Kathy brought an assortment of her beloved fall-blooming Colchicum bulbs to Garden Bloggers' Fling in 2010 to share with a few lucky fellow bloggers, including the Head Gardener.   Kathy selected varieties for me that she thought had a fighting chance and I planted them when the weather cooled a bit at the end of September 2010 (read about that here).  Neither Kathy nor I really expected them to even grow in my inhospitable climate.  That was the last I saw of them until recently, when I discovered that one lone bulb had made it.  Although Kathy and I agreed that the chance of their blooming was less than miniscule, the HG and I are holding onto the tiniest shred of hope.  


Kathy said…
We shall see what we shall see. It's alive; that's the first hurdle.