September Bloom Day: What's Blooming at The Arbor Gate

I did something a little different this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day* ... instead of taking pictures in my garden, I took a little trip out to The Arbor Gate in Tomball to spend some time with my blogging buddy Andrea of Grow Where You're Planted and attend the 2nd Annual Bulbs and Buddies Bash.  So I thought I'd share a bit of what's blooming at The Arbor Gate and maybe encourage a few of my local readers to make a visit there.  

Who Stopped The Music?  Cypress Vine/Cardinal Climber  (Ipomoea quamoclit)

Clitoria ternuata, Butterfly Pea Vine
Imagine yourself here!

Outside the herb area, there are colorful plantings AND colorful yard art.  That's true of the whole nursery, actually!

This is a Bauhinia but I'm not sure which one.

A closeup of the blooms

This bed near the seminar seating area is popular with
the butterflies and hummingbirds.

Pagoda flower (Clerodendrum paniculatum)

Potato vine

Salvia miniata in the shade house: if you have 
shade AND hummingbirds, you need this plant!

The new 'Black Diamond' series of Crape Myrtles
is available at The Arbor Gate.

You didn't overdo it on the wine, you ARE seeing a
pink elephant next to the compact Texas sage.

Love those blooms!

Cassia, Hamelia and Crown of Thorns

Cuphea llavea 'Flamenco': those blooms do look
like ruffled skirts!

This bed is in front of the sales office.
Salvia leucantha is putting on a show!

Thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  If you haven't read her blog, you should!  Mosey on over there and see who else has posted about their blooms for September!


OOH! That potato vine looks luscious! How nice that you have such a great nursery...must be very tempting :)
Fairegarden said…
Thanks for sharing this wonderful place, Cindy! I would love to be there in person, with a book to check the hardiness of some of those beauties. My hummingbirds would love that Salvia, and I never met a Cuphea I didn't love.

Commonweeder said…
I just love visiting other gardens, in real life, and virtually. Many thanks.
Anonymous said…
what a fun day! we should meet up there more often. i still have yet to pull out enough stuff from the front garden to plant the elephant-pink cenzio i bought there... thanks for convincing me to get it. xox!
Gail said…
That was fun. I saw a lot of flowering plants that would be fun to grow and some of the beds reminded me of your garden. I may try the Salvia miniata even if it's not hardy here. I do like annuals! gail
Kathy said…
I nominate that Texas sage as the plant I'd most like to grow but can't.
David said…
I have tried twice now to get to the place before it closes but have missed both times (was out in Tomball for other chores)! Now I must redouble my efforts thanks to you and these gorgeous photos.
Salvia miniata looks PERFECT for my shade garden and my hummers. It's funny but I just flipped through a book about Salvias the other day and noticed it in passing. Now it is on my MUST FIND radar.
The teasing coolness each morning doesn't hang around for long, does it? Bet you are out there early each day. I'd like to order a strong cold front with a side order of lower humidity! LOL
Misti said…
Found your blog via looking for the Black Diamond Crape Myrtles....glad to have found another Houston area gardener.